Loving - Official Trailer

12,881 Views | 2:23 | Uploaded on Jul 13, 2016

The trailer for Loving opens up to a white man, Richard Loving (Joel Edgerton), showing a black woman, Mildred (Ruth Negga), where he will build their future house. The couple has a problem though —  they are living in 1958, when Virginia still had anti-miscegenation laws. Richard does not seem troubled though, and mentions taking Mildred up to DC to get married, to which his friend asks — "Are you sure about that?"

They receive their marriage license, but one night, while fast asleep, a police officer breaks into their house — it's illegal for a white man to sleep with a colored woman. Mildred tells the officer she is Richard's wife, but he just responds, "That's no good here."


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