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User review rating: 4 February 03, 2020

Interesting. I didn't follow them when they were young, really the only song that was familiar to me was Cake by the Ocean. But the story of how they got famous was fascinating, especially the fact that their father was booted out by the Christians who adored him up until the point they found out his sons were getting famous for their rock music. At the time, they ranged in age from 13 to 18 so I can't imagine they were singing about anything other than puppy love, so this seems like a very un-Christian like thing to do. And the boys still seem very bitter about it, because it pushed them into poverty level and the family had serious issues being crammed into a tiny house with no money coming in. I hope every member of that church feels repentance, but since they haven't spoken out or reached out to the Jonases, I'm guessing they don't.

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